Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Morning Update

Lacie doesn't have access to a computer yet so I thought I would give you the morning update on Chandler. Lacie went in to see him this morning and found that they were able to lower his Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide levels again. The Oxygen that they are giving him is now at 75%. He is able to do the rest and maintain Oxygen levels at 99 or 100%. They will continue to lower these levels a small percentage every several hours. They were also able to take him off all of his blood pressure medications, and yesterday he was taken off the seizure medications as he was no longer having seizures. He is jaundiced so they have him under the lights but they say that is especially typical for preemies. If all continues to go well Lacie should be discharged tomorrow. She will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House which is in close proximity to the hospital. She will continue to be able to go be with Chandler at 8:00, 12:00, and 4:00 both am and pm.


  1. thanks for keeping us updated kadee. we are praying each day!

  2. This is great to have a blog to keep us updated!

    We will continue to keep Lacie, baby Chandler, and the Paxton family in our prayers.